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LYRICO is a Canadian operatic pop trio consisting of tenors Marco Bocchicchio and Sam Champagne, and baritone Ian Sabourin. Together, they bring classically-trained voices to beautiful melodies, from opera to pop. Formed in 2021, LYRICO’s premiere concert entitled “A Very Operatic Christmas,” was held in front of a packed audience at the Maisonneuve Theatre of Place des arts, and was described as “...a very pleasant moment and which – judging by the applause that rang out, and the final standing ovations – was a resounding kick-off…,”

Following their successful premiere, the ensemble went on a tour of Quebec with a new show entitled “The Best of Broadway'' with stops in Quebec City, Gatineau, Sorel-Tracy, and Montreal. In March 2022, the group debuted at the Montreal Symphony House with a performance entitled “An Evening of Dreams,“ to critical acclaim.

LYRICO has been featured in Global News, PBS News, iHeartRadio, LaPresse,, Ludwig Van Montreal, La Scena Musicale, The Suburban, Opera Wire,, Inspiration Classique, les Artszé, the Montrealer, and many more… LYRICO “…demonstrates the talent to succeed in a niche that has enormous potential,” Ludwig Van Montreal, with an “undeniable talent,” Eklectik Média, and “a career that looks very promising,”

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marco bocchicchio

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sam champagne

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ian sabourin